Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are a great way to meet other women new to Guilford in a small, group setting. Scroll down to see a sampling of what members are heading up this year. If you would like to create a new group, just let us know! We love to have new activities for the Club!

Book Lovers

If you love to read, you’ll love Book Clubs! Meet new friends in a different home each month to discuss selected books and other topics. Snacks and libations always on hand.

Good Eats and Drinks

Make friends over a meal. Not everyone can do lunch, so this group mixes it up, meeting for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or even breakfast at various local eateries once a month. New faces always welcome.

Men’s Night Out

Darts, anyone? This group is just for men. Each month, the guys gather at a local drinking establishment. Bar games, food and drinks are always on hand.


Come join moms and tots and make new friends! This playgroup meets once a month, at members’ homes or out and about around town.

Wine Tasting… With a Twist!

Attendees bring two bottles of the same wine to compete in a wine-tasting contest and an appetizer or dessert to share.  Each guest votes on their favorite bottle and the winner of the contest is the guest(s) who brought that particular bottle.  The winner takes home all the extra bottles of wine.

Game nights, fitness outings, and more!