Just moved to Guilford, or moved within the last 7 years? If you’re looking to connect with fellow new residents, volunteer in the community, or get more involved with the town, the Guilford Newcomers Club (GNC) is for you. GNC has a thriving membership of “newcomers” to Guilford and a long-standing reputation as a social and civic club for women that positively impacts the town each year.

In addition to monthly general meetings, GNC offers a multitude of special interest groups (SIGs), from Wine Tasting with a Twist (for couples), Playgroups (for moms with tots), Civic Programs (for community service), Trivia Night, Movie Night, Lunches & Dinners out, etc . The SIGs change from year to year, depending on membership and interest. You can check out our current monthly activities or start a new group of your own – any month you’d like!

Since June 5, 1973, the Guilford Newcomers Club has served the town, starting with a membership of 35 and growing every year. Curious? It doesn’t cost much to join today. Or contact our Membership Chair to find out when and where the next New Member Social is to check things out for yourself before joining.

Welcome to Guilford and we look forward to meeting you!